End of July Update

Wow! I can’t believe it’s the end of July. I thought we were in June! It’s been a while since my last post and I have a perfectly good explanation for it. I started a new job and I’ve been in training. Barely any time for stitching but I’ve been pushing myself to get some more finished pieces this year to reach my goal of 17. I’m up to 10 as of today.

This month I had two FO and one partial FO:

Believe in the Magic by Angel Stitchin
On 14ct red aida
Started: 5/15/16
Finished: 7/7/17
Festive Fireworks by Erica Michaels
on 14ct oatmeal aida
Started: 7/1/16
Finished: 7/6/17

















I’m up to date on the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery yearly SAL. Can’t wait to see August.

Happily Ever After: July
by The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
on 28ct mushroom evenweave.












Now, since I’m so busy at work, my rotation has to be adjusted (yet again). My work schedule is a little crazy so my stitchy time will be changed to (perhaps) 1 hour in the morning during the week. Weekends, after my chores and errands, I’l have more time to stitch. Therefore, I think I might do the following:

I’ll assign 1 project a week just so that I can see progress on it. I’ll take a picture at the start of the week and at the end of said week. My Christmas ornaments will be stitched as scheduled (1 per month) and I’ll stitch them during my lunch hour. Therefore the plan for August is the following:

Week of 7/31-8/6: Happily Ever After: August by Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Week of 8/7-8/13: Postcard from the World by Cloudsfactory
Week of 8/14-8/20: First Snow by The Drawn Thread
Week of 8/21-8/27: Keep Calm & Cross Stitch by Michaela Bermudez-Garcia
Week of 8/28-9/3: Twilight Angel by Dimensions

I am getting to a finish on another Christmas ornament for this month (I will be finishing right after I’m done writing this update) so, hopefully, I’ll have another finish to show you for this month. Next Christmas ornament is Candy Cane Basket by MCG Textiles.

Next month I am foreseeing two more finishes and another partial finish with the Happily Ever After: August.

‘Til next time! 


Sunday Stitch

Every Sunday I spend time with my His Name is Jesus by Joyful Expressions. There were Sundays that I didn’t stitch on it because of various reasons. I started this pattern last year (yet another one that should be finished!) and I’m enjoying stitching it very much. I am stitching it on 16 count Aida in Haven by Picture This Plus. Almost done with 1/4 of the design.

Friday Finish!

During the past two months, I’ve had 4 finishes and 1 FFO. I wasn’t able to post them because life happened!  Anyway, these are my finishes:

Merry Christmas by New York Dreamer stitched on 14 ct. black aida
Started 5/6/16
Finished 4/26/17
Coexist: Stitched on 16ct aida in Confetti by Picture This Plus
Started 2/22/17
Finished 5/28/17










First Star by SamSarah Design Studio stitched on 14 ct. red aida
Started: 3/8/16
Finished: 6/10/17
Snowflake Frost by Country Garden Stitchery stitched on 14ct. red aida
Started: 5/9/16
Finished: 6/18/17












My FFO was a little gift I made for my niece:

Paws Bookmark by Angie Kowalski stitched on 18ct white aida
Started: 4/4/16
Finished: 6/21/17
FFO as a bookmark: 6/22/17

Progress Update

Hello everyone,

These past two months have been chaotic for me. A new demanding job, nieces graduations, other job interviews, and other life events that made it a little difficult for me to sit down and write in my blog. However, I have several finishes, one cross stitch FFO, one crochet FFO, a start, and was able to complete a few other stitchy goals.

For my progress, I’m happy to report that I am up-to-date with my Happily Ever After SAL from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. This is how this project looks so far:








…And I’m ready for July’s release. I’m considering this a partial finish for this month but it will be a real finish by December of course!

As far as the other finishes, I will be writing a separate post for these. But, The Potting Bench, Paws Bookmark, Snowflake Frost are all finished! These were all started during Stitch Maynia 2016. I wanted to finish the majority of these projects  and it’s the reason why I didn’t join this year. My goal is to have all of them finished so that I can start new bigger pieces. I’m very interested on stitching pieces such as Mirabilias, Passione Ricamo, Joan Elliott, and Heaven and Earth Designs. Along with the yearly ones from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and Cloudsfactory or if any other ones catches my eye.

I also have the goal of stitching Christmas ornaments. My favorite season of the year is Christmas and I would love to stitch something about it every month. In fact, I want to have my Christmas tree decorated with my ornaments.

I had a new start last month. Summer Queen by Mirabilia was started on May 22; I couldn’t resist. I haven’t stitched much of it but this is my start:









Lastly, I’ve also been crocheting. I managed to finished my first big project which is a poncho designed by Nadia from Yarnutopia. I loved this poncho from the first time I watched the tutorial and thought I could definitely do this, and I did!

This is how it really looks like:









But, I stitched it with several modifications: no pockets, no ears, no kitty face, and no back lines. I also outlined the bottom, the pocket’s edge, and the hoody’s edge with black yarn. This is what it looks like:









It’s not perfect but I think I did good for being my first project bigger than a hat or a scarf.

Have a great stitchy week!

xx Lucy xx