Progress Update

Hello everyone,

These past two months have been chaotic for me. A new demanding job, nieces graduations, other job interviews, and other life events that made it a little difficult for me to sit down and write in my blog. However, I have several finishes, one cross stitch FFO, one crochet FFO, a start, and was able to complete a few other stitchy goals.

For my progress, I’m happy to report that I am up-to-date with my Happily Ever After SAL from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. This is how this project looks so far:








…And I’m ready for July’s release. I’m considering this a partial finish for this month but it will be a real finish by December of course!

As far as the other finishes, I will be writing a separate post for these. But, The Potting Bench, Paws Bookmark, Snowflake Frost are all finished! These were all started during Stitch Maynia 2016. I wanted to finish the majority of these projects  and it’s the reason why I didn’t join this year. My goal is to have all of them finished so that I can start new bigger pieces. I’m very interested on stitching pieces such as Mirabilias, Passione Ricamo, Joan Elliott, and Heaven and Earth Designs. Along with the yearly ones from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and Cloudsfactory or if any other ones catches my eye.

I also have the goal of stitching Christmas ornaments. My favorite season of the year is Christmas and I would love to stitch something about it every month. In fact, I want to have my Christmas tree decorated with my ornaments.

I had a new start last month. Summer Queen by Mirabilia was started on May 22; I couldn’t resist. I haven’t stitched much of it but this is my start:









Lastly, I’ve also been crocheting. I managed to finished my first big project which is a poncho designed by Nadia from Yarnutopia. I loved this poncho from the first time I watched the tutorial and thought I could definitely do this, and I did!

This is how it really looks like:









But, I stitched it with several modifications: no pockets, no ears, no kitty face, and no back lines. I also outlined the bottom, the pocket’s edge, and the hoody’s edge with black yarn. This is what it looks like:









It’s not perfect but I think I did good for being my first project bigger than a hat or a scarf.

Have a great stitchy week!

xx Lucy xx

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Plans: Week of 1/2 – 1/8

My plans for this week will be to keep stitching on the following pieces:

  1. Merry Christmas by New York Dreamer (Christmas All Year Round SAL): Finish the border and start stitching the tree.
  2. Frosty by Cloudsfactory (New Year New Start 2017): Finish skater #1 (the one with the green hat) and start stitching the snow on the floor.
  3. North Pole section of the Postcards from the World by Cloudsfactory (Whimsical Winter, Part I SAL): Finish house #1 (the one with the red roof) and start stitching the snow on the floor.
  4. 12 Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott (12 Days of Christmas SAL): Work on the tenth day a little.
  5. Heavenly Bears by Design Works (Focus for Finish): I need to fix (frog) several stitches on the cloud (the one with the date on it) so I can continue and finish the back stitching on it.

EDITED TO ADD: pictures of how these pieces will look like when finished. I was able to upload the pictures! Internet back to normal now.























Enjoy the rest of your day/night.

x Lucy x

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Week in Review 12/26 – 1/1

Last week I was going crazy with all the holiday celebrations, New Year’s Eve gathering, and stitching up a storm so that I can start the new year not being behind on all of the pieces I wanted to stitch. I even created a stitching planner just so that I can keep track on everything I need to do. There were a couple of days that I didn’t stitch anything. I kinda felt a little bit melancholic; I always do on the last few days of the year. This is mainly because I reflect on everything that happened throughout the year and, I’ve got to say, it was not an easy year. Family members always ask me why I cry at midnight on the 31st. I sum it up to what I just said: I get a little melancholic, that’s just it. Some might understand it and some might not.

So, I managed to stitch on just two pieces last week: 12 days of Christmas border (got a visit from the frog) and Heavenly Bears. On the latter, I’m happy to say that I am getting very close to a finish. As you can see in the picture, I just need to finish the last set of bears and the border. Then I will FFO it as a pillow. I have everything I need to make this possible.













On 12 Days of Christmas border, I had to frog the entire left side and the top arch because I was off by one stitch. ONE STITCH! I could’ve left it the way it was but my OCD wouldn’t let me continue and so, I frogged. However, I am up to date with the stitch a long in Stitch Maynia (Facebook Group). Even if each square is not finished, the idea is to stitch on each one on each day (12 to be exact). Then, after January 5th (which is the twelfth day of the SAL), I can stitch and finish it. The first picture are days 1 thru 8 and the second picture is day 9th.

img_1518 img_1520


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New Starts

Well, yes I did. I started my last new pieces of 2016 which I’m already enjoying stitching. Two of them are for SALs in Facebook groups and the other one is for a very special person in my life.

Village Canal: is a Dimensions kit. It is being stitched on 14ct light blue Aida and DMC threads. It is part of a SAL in a Facebook group where I belong.











Horde Symbol by Heather Wilson: is a pattern I bought on etsy. It is a symbol for the game World of Warcraft and it will be a hanging banner for my husband who plays this game (as I do). It is stitched on 25 count Jobelan in Christmas red.











12 Days of Christmas by Joan Elliott: It is a SAL in a Facebook group I am part of. I started stitching the border so that I don’t have to deal with it while I’m stitching the important parts of the SAL. I’m still working on the border but I better get it finished because this SAL starts on 12/25.












First Snow by The Drawn Thread: I started it yesterday as part of the “First Day of Winter” SAL in one of my Facebook groups. I didn’t know what I wanted to do to celebrate the first day of winter (not that I love winter, but hey…), so I found this cute little chart as a freebie on Free Cross Stitch Pattern Central called First Snow. I thought it was a very appropriate pattern to stitch.


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